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Keeping to the slow path, on January 21st, WANDERER – SPACETIME POETRY has ended its seventy-two day long Shanghai printing cycle. For those of you who are keen on knowing what motives guide the automata through their suspended walk, a video awaits your gazes.

link video including recordings from "Listening to Spacetime Poetry 12.2.18 HKW Berlin


Salon der Ästhetischen Experimente @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

Monday February 2nd 2018

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
K1 - behind the Hirschfeld Bar
John-Foster-Dulles-Alle 10
10557 Berlin

Based on investigations on how to orientate oneself at the borderline of noise and signal (e.g. the installation "Navigating Noise") and on the just released interdisciplinary publication "Navigating Noise" (ed. Nathanja van Dijk, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Sebastian Schwesinger and Christian Kassung), the Salon "Acts of Orientation" questions as well the notion of rhythm as a middle force between regularity and chaos as the role of gaps and lines in orientation processes such as sensing, recording, reconstructing, translating and interpreting.

Starting with an experimental concert: "Listening to Spacetime Poetry", performed by custom-made thermal printers,  the evening tries to blend practical and theoretical thinking by offering a choreographed sequence of presented works in process that enter into dialogue with the different perspectives of the contributing guests.
link Publication: Navigating Noise
link Video: Navigating Noise
link Rhythmic Textures
link HKW

Nathanja van Dijk (curator with background in art history and philosophy),
Eleni Ikoniadou (writer, researcher, teacher and practitioner specialising in media theory, sonic research and digital art and culture),
Thomas Laepple (physicist working in climate research, specialist in the quantitative synthesis and explanation of paleoclimate data such as ice cores), 
Sebastian Schwesinger (research associate in the Analog Storage Media project, specialising  in models of sonic thinking and reasoning and the connection of sonic materiality with physical and virtual infrastructre design) 
together with a contribution by the African Noise Foundation featuring Nicola Dean.


finally the Book "Navigating Nois" is out in the world!

Book Launch: Monday January 29th 19h

Buchhandlung Walther König
an der Museumsinsel
Burgstraße 27
10178 Berlin

  • Editors: Nathanja van Dijk, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Christian Kassung, Sebastian Schwesinger

    Contributors: African Noise Foundation, Lino Camprubí, Felix Gerloff, Paul Hegarty, Seth Horowitz, Tim Ingold, Eleni Ikoniadou, Brandon LaBelle, Thomas Laepple, Heike Catherina Mertens, Patricia Pisters, Wolfgang Schäffner, Martin Skrydstrup et al.

    link Publication: Navigating Noise
    link Analogspeicher

    Navigating Noise" means getting off the beaten track in order to find, or rather, to create something new. This publication is the result of such unconventional navigations, which follow the track of noise on its path across art, science, and the humanities. The point of departure is the artwork Navigating Noise by artist Kerstin Ergenzinger and phyisist Thomas Laepple. This ephemeral, somewhat out-worldly sound installation provides the framework for a collection of academic and artistic contributions that address the need for alternative means of orientation to deal with noise and to understand and (re)establish our unstable position within a highly technologized, mediated, and globalized reality. These navigations cover a broad terrain of research: from the starry skies to the deep oceans, from the ice cores of Greenland to sonic navigation in the animal kingdom, from spatial acoustics in World War I to noise music. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Navigating Noise paves the way for unexpected connections between research domains located
  • unREAL.The Algorithmic Present

    new Spacetime Poetry in Shanghai


    new Spacetime Poetry with 7 Wanderer & 1 Timekeeper
    joint work with Thom Laepple in cooperation with Daniel Canty

    Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach & Zang Ga

    Artists: aaajiao, AES+F, Ralf Baecker, Daniel Canogar, Cod.Act, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Pe Lang, Zahra Poonawala, LaTurbo Avedon, Claudia Hart, Rollin Leonard, Rosa Menkman, Lorna Mills, Harvey Moon, Eva Papamargariti, Sabrina Ratté, Fito Segrera, Rick Silva und Nicolas Sassoon, Phillip David Stearns, Daniel Temkin, WANG Yuyang
    link Chronus Art Center Shanghai

    VOLTO1 Heilg Geist Kirche Rosenheim

    new site-specific light drawing with 2 Raumtaster @ Heilig Geist Kirche Rosenheim

    Exhibition: 25.10.2017 – 26.11.2017

    VOLTO ist eine neue Reihe mit Kunstinstallationen in der Heilig-Geist-Kirche in Rosenheim, die einmal jährlich stattfindet. VOLTO, im Italienischen das Antlitz, das Aussehen, nimmt Bezug auf das bedeutsame Fresko "Volto Santo" in der Heilig-Geist-Kirche und reflektiert das Bild des Menschen. Es werden aktuelle künstlerische Positionen gezeigt, die zur räumlichen wie spirituellen Dimension des Kirchenraumes in Bezug treten.

    Raumtaster von Kerstin Ergenzinger (Berlin) bestehen aus modifizierten Tageslichtprojektoren. Sie kreieren Lichtbalken und Lichtflächen, die Wände, Boden und Decke abtasten und durch gegenläufige Bewegungen den Raum in seiner architektonischen und inhaltlichen Ausdehnung neu erfahrbar machen. Die Reihe wird veranstaltet von der Erzdiözese München und Freising, Fachbereich Kunstpastoral in Zusammenarbeit mit der katholischen Kirchenstiftung St. Nikolaus, Rosenheim.

    Curator: Max Erbacher & Ulrich Schäfert

    link Video Raumaster [Rotterdam]


    Sensing the Gap @ MUSEUM OF TRANSFORMATION Silkmuseum Tbilisi

    Exhibition: 13.10.2017 – 03.11.2017

    Soso Dumbadze, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Tessa Knapp, Natalia Nebieridze

    opening 13 Oct, 7pm artist talk 20:30 moderation by art critic Noemi Smolik

    Museum of Transformation is a contemporary art-project by Tessa Knapp in the frame of German-Georgian Year 2017 that transforms State Silk Museum into a museum of change. In reference to the museums' collection, artists follow the metaphor of the cocoon as a continuous process of transformation, creating an alternative vision of what a contemporary museum could be.

    link Museum of Transformation Facebook
    link Silkmuseum Tbilisi Facebook

    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Zagreb]

    new Studie zur Sehnsucht @ TouchMe: The Invisible Around Us

    Exhibition: 06.10.2017 – 18.10.2017

    Touch Me Festival 2017: The Invisible Around Us refers to hidden events and phenomena that cannot reach us at any degree of perceptual significance. What are the invisibles and the unknowns that construct our universe? How can the traces of hidden realities be guessed? What does science provide and how can non-systematic languages contribute to this search? How can we imagine something that is there but exists beyond our comprehension? And how can they be imagined and thought of as multiple identities and non-scientific forms?

    Alfonso Borragán (ES), Ale de la Puente (MX), Kerstin Ergenzinger (DE), Martin Howse (UK), Semiconductor (UK), Vanessa Lorenzo (ES/CH), Yunchul Kim (KR), Filip Borelli (HR), Iva Ćurić (HR), Ana Sladetić&NikaJurlin (HR) and MOON (aka) Martina Zelenika.

    Curator: Monica Bello in collaboration with KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Zagreb

    link TouchMe 2017

    Sensing the Gap - Mobiles of Transformation

    Close, never Closer @ UdK Hardenbergstrasse 33 Berlin

    Exhibition: 05.10.2017 – 14.10.2017

    Artists / Fellows of the Graduate School:
    Marco Donnarumma, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Lisa Glauer, Bnaya Halperin- Kaddari, Darsha Hewitt, Zeynep Tuna & Nino Klingler, Kiran Kumar und Clarissa Thieme

    Curator:Jan Verwoert

    link Graduiertenschule
    link Graduiertenschule Instagram

    Raumtaster [Berlin 2]

    Spatial Clearings @ GLINK Standart International

    Exhibition: 19.08.2017 – 14.10.2017

    In this exhibition dealing with the materiality and perception of light in manifold ways I show a new site-specific light drawing with the RAUMTASTER inside a long hallway.

    Artists: Moritz Wermelskirch, Sinta Werner, Till Exit, Fred Rubin, Nina Rhode, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Philipp Geist, Beate Terfloth, Roman Roth, Anne Gathmann, Rober Hoffmann, Max Sudhues, Gösta Wellmer, Markus Wüste, Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa, David Amberg, Franz Küsters, Hazal Kara & Carol Neumann, Gerhard Mantz, Elva Olafsdottir, Johanna Jaeger, Achim Kobe, Julia Münstermann, Marc von der Hocht

    Curator: Rüdiger Lange

    link Raumtaster @ Glink
    link Spatial Clearings
    link Video Raumaster [Rotterdam]

    Visiting Artist


    From 04.07.2017 –07.07.2017
    I had the pleasure and honor to spend 3 days at Cern within the Guest Artist program of Arts@Cern. Thanks to everybody envolved for all the intense conversations, showing your experiments, the archive and your time and openess!

    photo © Sophia Bennett CERN

    link Arts@Cern Guest Artists

    Wanderer - Spacetime Poetry

    unREAL.The Algorithmic Present @ HeK Basel

    Exhibition: 08.06.2017 – 20.08.2017

    new Spacetime Poetry: 7 Wanderer & 1 Timekeeper
    joint work with Thom Laepple in cooperation with Daniel Canty

    unREAL. The Algorithmic Present examines the complexity of our digital age and presents the often hidden materiality of the bits and bytes by means of 24 works.

    Artists: aaajiao, AES+F, LaTurbo Avedon, Ralf Baecker, Daniel Canogar, Cod.Act, Heather Dewey- Hagborg, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Claudia Hart, Pe Lang, Rollin Leonard, Rosa Menkman, Lorna Mills, Harvey Moon, Carsten Nicolai, Eva Papamargariti, Zahra Poonawala, Sabrina Ratté, Fito Segrera, Rick Silva & Nicolas Sassoon, Phillip David Stearns, Daniel Temkin, Wang Yuyang.

    Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach and Zhang Ga
    After the presentation at HeK, it will travel to Shanghai from November 12, 2017 to January 28, 2018.

    The new evolving Wanderer-Spacetime Poetry developes in exchange with Simon Stellmer and Thorsten Schumm (nuClock) and is supported by the EU-funded nuClock project.

    link HeK House of Electronic Arts Basel
    link Daniel Canty
    link nuCLock

    Raumtaster [Berlin]

    IN DEN RAUM ZEICHNEN @ Haus am Kleistpark Berlin

    Exhibition: 16.06.2017 – 13.08.2017

    new site-specific ligth drawing with the Raumtaster for Drawing into Space - tracing

    Drawing into Space outlining — densifying — tracing is a a cooperative project regarding linear sculpture in Berlin

    Artists:Olaf Bastigkeit, Hartmut Böhm, Ka Bomhardt, Claudia Busching, Carola Dinges, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Renate Hampke, Axel Lieber, Johannes Pfeiffer, Ev Pommer, Ursula Sax, Beate Terfloth, Asako Tokitsu, Bignia Wehrli.

    Curators/Artists: Pomona Zip & Claudia Busching

    link Haus am Kleistpark
    link Raumaster [Rotterdam]

    11:11min - Spacetime Poetry


    12.06.2017 19h

    Performance Concert with 4 prepared thermo-printers

    Haus der Kulturen der Welt
    John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
    10557 Berlin

    A bag, a sling, a snack, a gun! – Group Show @ Salon für Ästhetische Experimente
    What knowledge do objects contain, what memories do bodies encompass and what is it that cameras show us? How can art release forces which a medium by itself can barely hope to contain?

    The evening features performances, screenings and concerts by Marco Donnarumma, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Lisa Glauer, Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari, Darsha Hewitt, Zeynep Tuna & Nino Klinger, Kiran Kumar and Clarissa Thieme. The event is held in English and German.

    11:11 min LISTENING TO SPACETIME POETRY is developed within the framework of the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences (BAS) as part of Rhythmic Textures Kerstin Ergenzingers's artistic research project at the Graduiertenschule at the University of the Arts Berlin.

    link Graduateschool UdK Berlin
    link Salon der Ästhetischen Experimente Images
    link Rhythmic Textures

    Algorithmische Träume

    Conversation @ digitalbrainstorming.ch

    Conversation/podcast from Dominik Landwehr with Sabine Himmelsbach, Pe Lang, Ralf Baecker and Kerstin Ergenzinger on the exhibition unREAL.The Algorithmic Present
    in German

    Notations/Timekeeper, 2017

    link digitalbrainstorming

    Wanderer - Spacetime Poetry

    Opening unREAL.The Algorithmic Present @ HeK Basel

    Opening 06.07.2017 19h

    new Spacetime Poetry: 7 Wanderer & 1 Timekeeper
    in cooperation with Daniel Canty & Thom Laepple

    unREAL. The Algorithmic Present examines the complexity of our digital age and presents the often hidden materiality of the bits and bytes by means of 24 works.

    Artists: aaajiao, AES+F, LaTurbo Avedon, Ralf Baecker, Daniel Canogar, Cod.Act, Heather Dewey- Hagborg, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Claudia Hart, Pe Lang, Rollin Leonard, Rosa Menkman, Lorna Mills, Harvey Moon, Carsten Nicolai, Eva Papamargariti, Zahra Poonawala, Sabrina Ratté, Fito Segrera, Rick Silva & Nicolas Sassoon, Phillip David Stearns, Daniel Temkin, Wang Yuyang.

    Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach and Zhang Ga
    After the presentation at HeK, it will travel to Shanghai from November 12, 2017 to January 28, 2018.

    The new evolving Wanderer-Spacetime Poetry developes in exchange with Simon Stellmer and Thorsten Schumm (nuClock) and is supported by the EU-funded nuClock project.

    link HeK House of Electronic Arts Basel
    link Daniel Canty
    link nuCLock

    Myopian Survey

    Lecture @ Salon Digital HFK Bremen

    • 15.05.17 | 18:00h

      Myopian Survey started as a conceptual and physical exploration of the idea of nature, in particular of the North Amercian landscape and the ambivalent topos of the American 'wilderness'. During this Salon I will enfold and partly stage some of the tracks and bypasses I encountered and explored walking along a line of thoughts and analogies.

      link Lecture Myopian Survey
      link Digital Salon Series

    Inner Cuts

    Punto y Raya Festival 2016 @ ZKM Karlsruhe

    October 23, 2016 | 13:00h

    Knorpelwerke German Film Panorama

    We close our festival with a special selection of abstract films produced in the land where Absolute Cinema originated back in the early 1920s.

    Curated and introduced by artist and curator Robert Seidel, the programme offers a fascinating journey through German abstract cinema of the last 18 years.

    Fluctuating between fine art, pure experiments, music videos and material originally intended for video installations as well as live performances we are experiencing the diversity of the non-representational image in today's hybrid world.

    link Inner Cuts
    link Punto y Raya Festival
    link Punto y Raya Guest Section

    Trekking in Time

    Konstmuseum Ystad

    Opening Saturday 3 September 12-16
    3 September – 13 November 2016

    Marina Abramovic/Ulay
    Kerstin Ergenzinger
    Hamish Fulton
    Gittan Jönsson
    Christina Kubisch
    Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen
    Richard Long
    Tisha MukarJi
    Hrafnkell Sigurdsson Fredrik Strid

    curated by
    Yrr Jónasdóttir and Anna Kindvall

    The exhibition is an international group exhibition that gathers and presents art works by artists that have worked with hiking from different perspectives. It shows works that are both historical and contemporary. It can be works where the artists have used hiking as an action, artistic expression or as a performance.

    link Wanderer

    link drawings Myopian Survey

    link Konstmuseum Ystad


    Studio ALTA Prag

    Performance 24th September 2016

    Choreography/ Performance: Johanna Roggan; Stage / Kinetic installation / Performance: Kerstin Ergenzinger; Electronics / Programming: Thom Laepple; Sound live: Daniel Williams;

    trailer "ortsflüchtig"
    link thegutscompany
    link Studio ALTA

    Acts of Orientation Sonic Abstraction

    A Tale of a Tub & The Player Rotterdam

    Sonic Abstraction Live event with the Player
    Opening: A Tale of a Tub in Rotterdam - July 15, 5 -8 pm

    Navigating Noise at a Tale of a Tub, photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

    DE PLAYER and A Tale of a Tub present a live event with Lendl Barcelos (UK), Daniel Burkhardt (DE), Gonçalo F. Cardoso (PT) & Ruben Pater (NL) and Kerstin Ergenzinger (DE). Lendl Barcelos – theorist and musician – will give a reading based on his research in 'new sensitivities' in search of radicalized forms of listening leading towards alternative forms of orientation. Curator Nathanja van Dijk will speak with artists Kerstin Ergenzinger and Daniel Burkhardt about their work that will be on show throughout the evening. Gonçalo F. Cardoso & Ruben Pater will present their project 'A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics'': an electro-acoustic narrative of figurative connections between bird calls and streaking drone sonics, whilst also attempting to find the human element in these unmanned aircrafts.

    link A Tale of a Tub
    link Navigating Noise
    link Raumtaster

    Acts of Orientation

    A Tale of a Tub Rotterdam

    Acts of Orientation
    Opening: A Tale of a Tub in Rotterdam - June 4, 5 -7 pm

    The exhibition runs from June 4 - July 17

    New site-specific setting of Navigating Noise
    New space-related lightdrawing of Raumtaster
    Selection of new drawings of the palm of my hands,

    Acts of Orientation at A Tale of a Tub puts to the test our understanding of our environment and our perceived place in it.

    The exhibition is part of the interdisciplinary research project Acts of Orientation by artist Kerstin Ergenzinger, physicist Thomas Laepple, and curator Nathanja van Dijk. In collaboration with the Humboldt University and the Schering Stiftung (Berlin) they investigate forms of orientation in our technologized world from a spatial-physical as well as natural science and humanities perspective.

    link A Tale of a Tub"
    link Navigating Noise
    link Raumtaster


    Festspielhaus Hellerau / Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

    next performances: 23.01. & 24.01.2016

    Premiere 30.10. & 31.10.2015
    performativ installation with new kinetic installation

    A body, and so as well a space, is not consisting in heaviness, hardness, colour or similar, but solely in extension. (René Descartes)

    For ortsflüchtig the visual artist Kerstin Ergenzinger creates a kinetic-interactive room installation, which is stage set as well as performing counterpart. A new and constantly changing space within space for the dancer and choreographer Johanna Roggan, the live musician Daniel Williams and the audience at the same time, invites us to think up, to imagine, to affect our own different spaces.

    Choreography/ Performance: Johanna Roggan; Stage / Kinetic installation / Performance: Kerstin Ergenzinger; Electronics / Programming: Thom Laepple; Sound live: Daniel Williams;

    trailer "ortsflüchtig"
    link thegutscompany
    link HELLERAU

    Acts of Orientation

    Projektraum der Schering Stiftung / Berlin

  • Acts of Orientation
    29.05. - 27.06.2015

    showing the new installation Navigating Noise

    link Navigating Noise
    link Acts of Orientation

  • matières sensible

    l´Espace Albert Camus Bron/Lyon

    matières sensible
    24.03.2015 - 29.03.2015

    showing Whiskers in Space in an exhibition with Kathy Hinde curated by Igor Deschamps

    link matière sensible


    Kunstmuseum Bonn

    9 Nov 14 - 8. Feb 15

    showing the new Installation "Wanderer", a new site-spezific kinetic wall drawing "Intrusion/Tiefenzeit", the installation ...°W/...°O[keingradwestundkeingradost], Myopian Survey, bergdenken and selected drawings

    accompanying the exhibition a catalog will be published

    link Kunstmuseum Bonn

    Estudos para saudade [Évora]

    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Évora] at Fórum Eugénio de Almeida

    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Évora]
    Estudos para saudade [Évora]
    17.Juli - 26.Oktober

    link Fórum Eugénio de Almeida
    link Studien zur Sehnsucht


    UNFATHOMABLE FACES solo show at the Goethe Institut Montreal

    Touching Ambiguity
    3.Mai - 7.Juni 14

    showing the Installations "Rotes Rauschen", "Whiskers in Space", the new site-specific, kinetic wall drawing "Intrusion/Lonely Star" and selected drawings

    Unfathomable Faces
    9.Mai - 10.August 14

    site-specific video projection for the window front of the Goethe Institut Montreal

    link Oboro
    link Goethe Montreal
    link BIAN Montreal

    link Rotes Rauschen
    link Whiskers in Space

    VIDA 15.0

    Rotes Rauschen wins VIDA 15.0 International Award
    Exhibition´s opening and Awards Ceremony 11.3.2014 19h at Espacio Fundación Telefónica Madrid

    12.3.-20.4.2014 Espacio Fundación Telefónica Madrid

    link VIDA 15.0 exibition
    llink VIDA 15.0

    link Rotes Rauschen


    Buchvorstellung 19.12.2013 19h in der GAK Bremen

    Mit Beiträgen von Katharina Hinsberg & Kerstin Ergenzinger & Lars Nowak & Studie NAND & Agnes Meyer-Brandis & Andrea Sick & Dennis Paul & Laura Popplow & Regine Buschauer & Hannes Hoelzl & Julijonas Urbonas & Claudia Reiche & Dennis Siegel & Jonas Otto & Luis Berríos-Negrón & Julian Rohrhuber & Benjamin Suck & Oliver Leistert & Mathias Lam & Christoph Wachter / Mathias Jud & Hannes Waldschütz & Mikael Mikael & Lucas Odahara & Jan Bovelet & Renate Wieser & Birgit Schneider & Jussi Ängeslevä & Gunnar Green / Bernhard Hopfengärtner & Ralf Baecker

    link Rauchwolken und Luftschlösser


    experimenteller Dokumentarfilm über die Bildhauerin Gerlinde Beck

    Regie, Drehbuch, Schnitt: Kerstin Ergenzinger / Kamera: Luis Neuenhofer, Matthias Neuenhofer, Kerstin Ergenzinger / Ton: Joseph Suchy / Musik: Joseph Suchy, Albrecht Volz, Karlheinz Stockhausen / Choreographie/Tanz: Barbara Blanche, Reginaldo Oliveira, Flavio Salamanka, / Musiker: Albrecht Volz, Benjamin Volz, Nathalie Kottucz / Sprecherin: Natascha Nikeprelevic / Produzent: Dr. Kuno Schlichtenmaier Gerlinde Beck Stiftung
    link Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

    CYNETART 2013

    new installation: NAVIGATING NOISE at Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden


    Kunsthaus Rhenania Köln

    neue Installation "Raumtaster"


    MUCSARNOK Kunsthalle Budapest


    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Bremen] in der GAK Bremen

    Ausstellung in der GAK, Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen,

    Ralf Baecker, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Mikael Mikael, Hannes Hoelzl, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Studio NAND, Lucas Odahara, Hannes Waldschütz
    kuratiert von Andrea Sick und Dennis Paul

    link Studien zur Sehnsucht
    link GAK Bremen

    CYNETART 2012 & Förderpreis der sächsischen Kunstministerin

    für Rotes Rauschen

    Der »Förderpreis der sächsischen Kunstministerin« in Höhe von 10.000 EUR,
    für eine Projektrealisation in 2013, geht an Kerstin Ergenzinger für ihr Werk »Rotes Rauschen«

    link Rotes Rauschen
    link Preisträger CYNETART
    link Ausstellung CYNETART

    Präsentation der StipendiatInnen 2012

    Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst
    04. Oktober 2012

    Kerstin Ergenzinger (D), Antoine Schmitt (F) und Christoph Wachter/Mathias Jud (Ch)
    Donnerstag 04. Oktober 2012
    19.00 Uhr im Veranstaltungsraum des Edith-Russ-Hauses für Medienkunst

    (R)E-flexion about Whiskers in Space and Rotes Rauschen

    link article

    a new platform to present and discuss works, artists, current exhibitions, tendencies and potentialities within the field of electronic art.
    by Anna Kindvall (artist and curator based in Malmö /co-founders of the art organisation Electrohype)

    States of Being

    Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst
    7.6.-19.8.2012 2012

    Rotes Rauschen

    Hartware MedienKunstVerein
    Freitag, 27. Januar 2012 - 19. Februar 2012

    Rotes Rauschen,
    ein Raumseismometer lauscht den Gewichtsverlagerungen in seinem Innern sowie den langsamen Frequenzen des allgegenwärtigen, seismischen Rauschens, das unter ihm durch den Boden wandert.

    Ausstellung im HMKV im Dortmunder U vom 28.Januar bis 19.Februar 2012
    link HMKV


    Städtische Bühnen Münster Grosses Haus Premiere 4.12.2011
    Aufführungen: 7.12.2011 / 14.1.2012 / 29.2.2012 / 11.3.2012

    TIMESHIFT… oder Uraufführung Die Zeit ist ein Vogel

    Experimentelles Musiktheaterprojekt von Susanne Blumenthal, Recha la Dous, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Søren Eichberg, Niels Klein, Vassos Nicolaou und Steingrimur Rohloff

    link Städtische Bühnen Münster>>
    link Presse Die Deutsche Bühne>>
    link Fonds Experimentelles Musiktheater>>


    opening 11.11.2011
    Gallery A22 / Budapest 12.11.2011-5.1.2012

    Kerstin Ergenzinger, Mischa Kuball, Michael Bleyenberg, Wolfgang Plöger

    invited by András Mengyán and International Kepes Society

    Whiskers in Space
    more Info>>

    at A22 Galéria / Gallery A22
    H-1072 Budapest Akácfa utca 22 link Gallery A22>>


    »FONDS ZUR GUTEN AUSSICHT. KUNSTFONDS 1980 – 2010« ab sofort im Buchhandel erhältlich!

    Die Stiftung Kunstfonds blickt nicht nur auf fast 2000 geförderte Künstlerinnen und Künstler, Institutionen und Publikationen zurück, sondern schaut auch auf herausragende und richtungsweisende künstlerische Positionen der letzten drei Jahrzehnte, die das Kunstgeschehen in Deutschland maßgeblich beeinflusst haben. Aus der Vielzahl der Stipendiaten wurden 138 Positionen von den Herausgebern Annelie Pohlen und Stephan Berg exemplarisch ausgewählt
    Link KUNSTFONDS >>


    bookrelease 11.03.2011
    together with site-specific drawing on window and exhibition of drawings

    more info>>

    Herzliche Einladung zur Bookrelease von Kerstin Ergenzinger
    Am 11.3.2011, ab 19 Uhr

    Mühlenbach 9, 50676 Köln

    TRIGGERING DISQUIETUDE 21rozendaal Enschede

    Eröffnung 10.02.2011

    exhibitionview Triggering Disquietude>>
    link 21rozendaal>>
    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Enschede]>>
    Whiskers in Space at 21rozendaal + new video>>

    Digital Arts Festival Taipei 2010

    Eröffnung 26.11.2010

    Whiskers in Space at the Digital Arts Center Taipei

    link Digital Arts Festival Taipei>>

    Almost Cinema

    Eröffnung 13.10. 19h - preview with the opening of the Ghent Film Festival 12.10.

    Almost Cinema, set up by the Vooruit Arts Centre and the Ghent Film Festival, proves every year that cinema is more than film alone by presenting performances, talks, concerts and an exhibition with surprising installations. This year’s edition of the Almost Cinema exhibition invites you to explore alternative landscapes and discover instruments that manipulate the way we see things.

    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Gent]

    link Vooruit 'Almost Cinema'>>

    Whiskers in Space

    Kunststation St.Peter im Rahmen der 'new talents biennale köln' Eröffnung Samstag 12.6. 19h

    neue Installation Whiskers in Space

    link Kunststation St.Peter>>
    link 'new talents biennale köln'>>

    Offene Ateliers

           im Kölnischer Kunstverein und Schokoladenmuseum 5.6.2010 14-18h

    link Kölnischer Kunstverein >>


    Eröffnung Mittowch 5.5. 20 Uhr       artothek Raum für junge Kunst Köln 6.5.-26.6.2010

    neue Installation insight

    link artothek Raum für junge Kunst Köln >>


                              eine dokumentarische Theaterperformance von VOLUMEN EXPRESS and friends

    24. April 2010 | 19:30 Uhr | Deutschlandpremiere | Sophiensaele (Berlin) weitere Aufführungen am 25., 27., 28.*, 29. und 30. April 2010 | 19:30 Uhr.

    Konzept und Realisation: Veronika Susanne Bökelmann, Anett Vietzke. Performance: Juliana Piquero, Tamara Saphir, El Hombre. Produktion Berlin: Hendrik Unger. Produktion Buenos Aires: Paula Baró, Martin Fernandez. Raumkonzept und Realisation: Annesofie Norn. Architektonische Umsetzung: Moh Portuondo Alvarez. Musik und Sounddesign: Timo Kreuser. Video und Visualisierung: Anett Vietzke. Textdramaturgie und Arbeit mit Performern: Veronika Susanne Bökelmann. Regie - und Dramaturgieassistenz: Lea Kalinna. Künstlerische und technische Beratung: Kerstin Ergenzinger. Dramaturgische Beratung: Tatiana Saphir.

    link VOLUMEN EXPRESS    >>
    link Sophiensaele    >>

    Land Use Poetics II

                      2nd international workshop on spatial practices, technologies and imaginaries

    Land Use Poetics is an interdisciplinary research initiative on spatial practices, technologies and imaginaries. During an intense for day workshop then researchers and artists from around Europe gather in Thanet for an experimental field study that will result in a publication on geographical methods of investigation, documentation and mediation.

    more soon


                  Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art Copenhagen October 30th - December 27th 2009

    Studie zur Sehnsucht [Kopenhagen]

    Bright Ugochukwu Eke
    Kerstin Ergenzinger
    Thilo Frank
    Elín Hansdottír
    Henrik Håkansson
    Tove Storch

    30th October - 27th December 2009
    BRUNCH TALK October 31th 11.00-13.00. lecture Bruno Latour on ´politics of nature´

    Curated by Malene Natascha Ratcliffe

    link new Video Studie zur Sehnsucht [Kopenhagen]   >>
    link DenFrie Center of Contemporary Art   >>
    link RETHINK exhibition-site   >>


                              18th edition NETFILMMAKERS 18th of October 2009 - 31. January 2010

    new work Inner Cuts

    Videos for the net by

    Kerstin Ergenzinger
    Catherine Henegan
    Isabelle Schiltz
    October 18th 2009 - 31.10.2010

    Curated by Aryan Kaganof

    link animation Inner Cuts    >>
    link interview Aryan Kaganof on Kopenhagen.dk    >>
    link interview Kerstin Ergenzinger on Kopenhagen.dk    >>
    link netfilmmakers/blog   >>


    NEW                                                                  published on RETHINK BORDERS

    link txt   >>


    in der Brücke und im Schokoladenmuseum Sa, 29.8.09, 14–18 Uhr 2009

    Die Atelierstipendiaten im Kölnischen Kunstverein/Die Brücke:

    Daniel Burkhardt, Yvonne Cornelius, Michaela Eichwald, Uschi Huber, Kristina Leko, Jugoslav Mitevski, Bernadette Mittrup, Christian Naujoks, Mark von Schlegell und Oliver Tepel
    Die Atelierstipendiaten im Schokoladenmuseum:

    Kerstin Ergenzinger, Owen Gump, Thea Gvetadze, Andreas Hirsch, Hofmann & Lindholm, Katharina Jahnke, Claus Richter, Anja Sopic, József Szolnoki, Pipo Tafel und Shigeru Takato

    link Kölnischer Kunstverein   >>

    Strategien zur Erfassung von Raum

    Bündner Kunstmuseum 9.April-7.Juni 2009

    Studie zur Sehnsucht und Zeichnungen mit Arbeiten von

    Jens Brand, Heath Bunting, Raffaella Chiara, Hans Danuser, Thomas Flechnter, Hamish Fulton, Arno Hassler, Richard Long, Ursula Palla, Peter Piller, Christoph Rütimann, Gerry Schum, Roman Signer, Monica Studer/Christoph van den Berg, Hannes Vogel, Lydia Wilhelm

    Kuratorin Katharina Ammann

    link Studien zur Sehnsucht   >>
    link Zeichnungen   >>
    link Bündner Kunstmuseum    >>
    link Presse Neue Züricher Zeitung    >>
    link Presse Kunstbulletin    >>
    link Katalogtext    >>

    Ausstellung der Wettbewerbsentwürfe für ein Denkmal für die Opfer der NS-Militärjustiz

    NS-Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Köln, 27.4.2009 - 10.5.2009

    link Entwurf   >>
    link NS-Dokumentationszentrum Köln / Wettbewerb  >>

    land use poetics

    international workshop on spatial practices, technologies and imaginaries - Museum of Sketches Lund 2009

    new work at land-use-poetics

    What is concealed behind the physical planning term ”land use”?
    This is the question in this cross-disciplinary project, engaging ten artist and researchers from around the world. In an intense, four day workshop, and through the use of arts-based “methods” or poetic practice, the group will examine how we humans affect the land we have at our disposal.
    The area of investigation is delimited to the intensely exploited and at the same time historically complex landscape between Malmö and Lund. Here, agriculture, shipping, and industry, already left non-erasable imprints. Today, however, also entirely different kinds of activities leave traces and dislocate meanings.
    Through different forms of spatial engagement – bus tours, walks, gathering of specimens, study visits and discussions – these traces and meanings will be explored, scrutinized and mapped out.
    The result – or the more or less sketchy findings – will be on show at the Museum of Sketches in Lund.

    Kerstin Ergenzinger, Nigel Green and Robin Wilson, Maria Hellström, Jane Philbrick, Gunnar Sadin, Meike Schalk and Apolonija Sustersic, Staffan Schmidt

    The show will open Sun March 22 at 2 pm, followed by an open panel discussion on landscape change and arts-based research at 3 pm.

    link Zwischen den Zeiten a trip between winter and summer   >>
    link Museum of Sketches Lund

    Electrohype Biennale 2008

    Kunsthalle Malmö 15.November 2008-25.Januar 2009

    Studie.zur.Sehnsucht auf der Electrohype Biennale mit Arbeiten von
    Doug Back, Ralf Baecker, Serina Erfjord , Jessica Field, Voldemars Johansons, Erik Olofsen, Diane Morin, Kristoffer Myskja, Bill Vorn.

    Kuratoren Anna Kindvall und Lars Midboe

    link Studie zur Sehnsucht [Malmö]  >>
    link ELECTROHYPE  >>

    Verleihung des Förderpreis des Landes Nordrhein Westphalen 2008 Sparte Medienkunst

    Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte in Münster 31.10.2008

    link Laudatio    >>
    link Staatskanzlei NRW Medienkunstpreise 2008   >>

    Ausstellung der Kölnstipendien 2008 mit Daniel Burkhardt

    BBK im Stapelhaus, Köln 29.Okt. - 20.Nov.2008

    link Laudatio    >>
    link Kerstin Stremmel Poesie der Technik Stadtrevue Köln    >>
    link Sorgenfri 80-teilige Diaserie   >>
    Installation ..°W/...°O keingradwestundkeingradost / neuer Aufbau   >>
    link Daniel Burkhardt   >>

    Tiefe Oberflächen a continous history of doubting
    ortsbezogene Lichtinstallation Schleuse

    Kunstraum Kreuzlingen 6.September 2008-21.Dezember 2008

    link Schleuse   >>
    link Eröffnungsrede Katharina Ammann  >>
    link Kunstraum Kreuzlingen

    in Tiefe Oberflächen a continous history of doubting

    tiefparterre im Kunstraum Kreuzlingen 10.Oktober 19h

    mit Charles Keller, Lichtarchitekt (St. Gallen) Kerstin Ergenzinger (Köln) und Katharina Ammann (Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur)
    Aperitif – Gespräch – anschliessend fakultatives Nachtessen auf Annmeldung
    link Besprechung Thurgauer Zeitung  >>

    Iaspis Open House, autumn 2008

    Iaspis The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s, 29 - 30 August Stockholm 2008

    Participants: Malin Arnell, Antippa, Kader Attia, Victoria Brännström, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Athena Farrokhzad, Boris Groys, Róza El Hassan, Emma Hedditch, Anna Livion Ingvarsson, Hristina Ivanoska, Andreas Johansson, Gülsün Karamustafa, Eli Levén, Metahaven (Daniel van der Velden), Warren Neidich, Suela Qoshja, Laercio Redondo, Emily Roysdon, Pia Wergius and Ylva Westerlund.

    Iaspis presents the Open house, autumn 2008. This is one of Stockholm’s recurring open meeting-places for artists and their audience. On 29 - 30 August 2008, we will open the doors for a presentation of a total of fourteen Iaspis grant recipients as well as several invited guests that will take part in a packed programme of lectures, film screenings, performances. In addition to showing their own works, the artists participating in this year’s Open house have been provided with the opportunity to connect with other persons, within or outside the artworld, which has led to several exciting new collaborations.

    link IASPIS   >>

    Open Studio IASPIS residency Malmö

    K3 Malmö June 2008

    link observing   >>
    link sorgenfri Zeichnungen  >>
    link sorgenfri Dias  >>

    Videoporträt von Aryan Kaganof

    Malmö June 2008

    die Sehnsuchtsmaschine ein körperliches Gespräch mit Kerstin Ergenzinger 20min HDV 2008
    music lars åkerlund (Urs/Volt)
    link Aryan Kaganof   >>

    Zur Zeit Köln

    Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz 22.Feb - 23 März 2008

    Ralf Baecker, Juliana Borinski/ Pierre-Laurent Cassière, Daniel Burkhardt, Franziska Cordes, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Tessa Knapp, Karin Lingau/Martin Hesselmeier
    link installation  >>
    link Palais Thurn und Taxis  >>

    Studie zur Seh_n_sucht

    SIMULTANHALLE Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst Köln 27.10. - 1.12.2007

    Einzelausstellung mit Katalog zur Finissage 1.Dez 2007

    link SIMULTANHALLE   >>
    link installation  >>
    Jürgen Kisters: Das Atmen der Welt ist zu hören, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger 10.11.2007 >>