Studie zur Sehnsucht [Enschede] 2011

Studie zur Sehnsucht [Kopenhagen] at Rethink the Implicit, videodocumentation 2009
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Foto: Thijs de Lange, Studie zur Sehnsucht [Enschede] 21rozendaal, Enschede
Studies for Longing / Seeing

are space-related,reactive installations. They deal with the concept of longing, in relation to the human ideas of nature and landscape in this case symbolized by mountainscapes. They are also kinetic sculptures and pseudo-scientific simulations of landscape, these elements put together make them longing-machines.

They explore the idea that interpreting our surroundings, stimuli, data, relationships, humans only move on seemingly stable ground. Nevertheless our interpretations are deeply influenced by this longing for stability. We are constantly developing and applying technics that expand our ability of receptivity, on which we consequentially build up our perception and again develop models and patterns of interpretation to orientate ourself in the world.

Real-time recorded seismic data,"reality", and associative simulation, "fiction", are melting into the continuously changing appearance of the installations.

The machines act like an adaptive sense organ, stimulus damps down its sensitivity. Like eyes to light and ears to noise the system adapts to the changing situation and generates its own stimulus satiation and motion patterns.

Almost as if asleep but yet slightly nervous and aware, the system is balancing the noise by vibrating between contraction and streching. Triggered by changing seismic signals it reacts and interacts within its inertial time frame of adaption. The seismic data is interpreted comparatively.

The longing-machine includes both a library of associatively preprogrammed motion fragments and it records the micro seismic pulse of the exhibition-space and its surroundings including the ambient noise of the earth. At the same time it is sensitive for the fine shifting, the tilting of the floor caused by the visitors weight and movements.

The shape and the inherent proportions of the mechanics are the result of long-term graphical investigations in mountainscapes during extensive hiking tours and a subsequent analysis of the natural proportions inside the drawings.

This installation is developed in discussion and cooperation with Thom Laepple (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Bremerhaven).
datainterpretation, developing of the hard- and software Thom Laepple
fotodocumentation Köln: Phillip Goldbach, Klaus Kleine, Johanna von Monkiewitsch, Malmö: Lars Gustav Midboe,Kopenhagen: Anders Sune Berg
general support of development and production Thom Laepple, Anett Vietzke and Antje Weller
production support: Köln Simultanhalle ; Malmö; Chur Bündner Kunstmuseum;Kopenhagen DenFrie Center of Contemporary Art
With kind support of Stefan Niermann igus GmbH DYNALLOY,Katie Uhl the SMArt® Steps Program of Dynalloy.Inc.DYNALLOY, Claudia Röhricht Trocellen GmbH

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Foto: Lars Gustav Midboe Electrohype Biennale Arthall Malmö

self-built Lehmann Seismograph

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Foto: Philipp Goldbach Simultanhalle, Space for Contemporary Art, Cologne

"Ver-Verhältnismäßigkeit" drawing analysis of natural proportions