holografic installation

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installationviewt: pact Zeche Zollverein Essen, 2007

eye-contact drawing, reconstruction of the percieved space inside the observed area of the Mediapark Cologne
approaching = moving away

Six holograms from eight-second video sequences shot in the basement of the inner courtyard of Building 5, Medipark Cologne are installed as a panoptic construction of glass.

Standing in the middle the viewer controls the course of events. He/she determines the movement of the recording, subjective camera and triggers perceptive moments in which body movements and dislocation of space are temporally superimposed.

The main focus of this work is the connection between this architecture of transparency and optimisation and the bodies which orient themselves in it. In particular I focus on processes which are constantly happening at the periphery of our perception.

The holograms are storing these explorations of the relationship between the body, emptiness and translucent buildings as hidden occurences. They appear not until they are illuminated and reanimated via the observer.

this installation is developed with the support of Peter Schuster and the of Media Arts Cologne

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