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Alexandra Waligorski:
.... For the video work bergdenken ("mountain-thought," 2011/2014) the hand of the artist herself becomes the means of making a sketch. We see neither Ker stin Ergenzinger's face, nor the object giving rise to her motif, for she shows us nothing other than the process of transference from eye to paper. Drawing as an individual expression of the artistic gesture and copying as an almost mechanical procedure overlap here in their levels of meaning. The hand of the artist makes a sketch and simultaneously inscribes into her body what she has seen. The quiet scraping of the pencil, along with the limited pictorial segment which isolates hand and pencil from their surroundings, emphasizes the impression of the technical aspect. Only the final sequence of the video disperses the energy field of presence and absence: the artist cuts up the drawing and gives prominence to the motif, a massive crystal. In the instant when she allows us a direct view of the translucent rock, she withdraws from the picture as mediator. Thus Kerstin Ergenzinger allows us to see how she herself becomes the tool of her artistic investigation

bergdenken is part of the series Observings:
In Observings I am observing a location or situation while drawing directly on a blank piece of paper in front of a video camera. I then cut it out piece by piece. The electronic eye of the video records both the process of translating the act of seeing into a 2-dimensional represen- tation and its deconstruction until the scene behind is revealed.