still Inner Cuts
Inner Cuts

Bewildered and fascinated by Aryan Kaganof´s theme and notion Noisewomb and his link to Rilkes contemplation about his first experience with an experimental setup of a phonograph I rediscovered Rilkes Ur-Geräusch via the English translation.

As point of departure I asked myself how does something look like in difference to how it sounds?
An acoustic action and its representations (visual, tactile etc.) are intrinsically tied to each other by their nature. But their meanings reveal to be independent, blueprints for our associations and mental constructions. One question gave birth to the next and for me making a piece for the Noisewomb edition of Netfilmmakers became a constant back-and-forth between questioning, framing a rule, taking an action, cutting and re-cutting.

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Some questions

Where does the noise come from? How does a certain act sound and how does it look like? What traces are to be observed and will we be able to reconstruct the incident with what has been remained?

Is this noise or a signal, a sign or nothing? If we are only interpreting in relation to something else does everything depend on our constructions?

Is a netfilm a film in the net, a film about the net? Moving images, a piece of online art or an online piece of art? May this mean it is something the observer is generally facing on the screen of his or her personal computer? Then how does it feel like to watch a piece of art online? Is it an intimate experience? Is it intimate even if available for anybody 24h a day, depending on server and online access?
What does it mean to sit in front of a screen, watching, reading, listening, typing, editing, programming, designing? What does opposing a screen make? Bodily? Mentally? How is this screen like? What kind of surface is it? Is it flat, is it really flat? Is there something beneath it, is it a surface above an inside? If yes what would this be? Is it the machine? Is it the information? Is it the code, the algorithm or its representation? Is it what we want it to be? Our counterpart? Is it a layer upon a layer upon a layer? At least for this fly in the dark my TFT screen is cosy, warm and bright, defently the best whereabout.

Inner Cuts is about the surface. It is about choosing the action and the direction to delete one surface to reach the next.

Inner Cuts are taktile gestures and their acustic traces meant to be sensed virtually by crawling back into the personal computers, those engines they have been fed in and cut for the second time. Their mouth are the speakers, the screen is their face.

Some rules
Setup: a digital SLR face to face with white paper above black paper above a cut mat. On the cut map fix a piezoelectric microphone, under the cut map place a table with a cut-out, beneath the...

Task: destroy the paper starting by cutting a) vertically...b) horizontally...c) diagonally, to thin the paper use rubber, to take away the crumbs use your hand and your spit, take as many pictures as possible and record the sound of the action with a contact microphone.

Allow yourself: to follow the unfolding phenomena to break the rules to vary and experiment

Analyse and organize the imagery and sound independently. Find a way to reconnect and spread it out on the screen and the built-in speakers of a personal computer.

still Inner Cuts

still Inner Cuts

still Inner Cuts

still Inner Cuts

still Inner Cuts