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foldings out of white corrugated cardboard with light composition ( programmed, self-built projecting and drawing machines + custom electronics)

insight was in inspired by the optical and physical peculiar smooth appearance of the artothek.

The space is located in the ground floor of a four-storied villa from the late Gothic period in the center of Cologne. Middle age proportions and light conditions meet after war reconstructions and inserts from the fifties together with a modern minimalistic renovation from the beginning of this century. There is no straight wall or floor, no right angle and yet no industrial norm that is regulating and dominating the proportions and the perception of the space. An oscillating horizontal and vertical is the immanent subject-matter of this place.

The conceptual point of departure for this installation have been the snail-like stairs in the corner of the exhibition space that are leading towards the balcony from the fities together with the empty staircase of the whole building which hasn´t been in use for a long time. My attempt was to open up a rhythmical almost ritual passage not only along the borders of the space but also through the divers layers of orientation and perception while the observer is ascending from one or the other side to find oneself below a perron.

special thanks for the technical development and huge support: Thom Laepple

special thanks to the helping folders: Antje Weller and Daniel Burkhardt

special thanks to the great experimental photographer: Peter Schuster

financial support: City of Cologne/artothek Cologne
sponsoring: Stefan Niermann igus GmbH DYNALLOY