site-specific, kinetic drawing series
muscle-wire.white.cable.strand white.elastic.thread.silicon.nails.pen.and.shadows

since 2014

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The drawings sublty intrude the walls and corners of a space. Lines shift from 2D to 3D. They meander back and forth from the surface: the projection and the abstract sign, to the third dimension: the physical raterialization and representation.

The lines unite into an internally alternating rhythmic texture. Shifting between sharpness and haziness, they breath, they expand and contract, they shiver and vibrate.

Departure point for each drawing is a site, which I have experienced myself and where phenomena of the geosphere became visible.

*In Geology intrusion is a liquid rock that forms under Earth's surface. Filling all cracks and spaces it can find or sometimes very slowly pushing away existing rock, too.

realized for Touching Ambiguity at OBORO Montreal 4.5.-7.6.2014
named after a Geysir at Yellowstone Nationalpark

realized for zeich[n]en at Kunstmuseum Bonn 9.11.2014 - 8.2.2015
inspired by the horizontally folded time layers of a glacier´s wall in Greenland.

electronics and programming in cooperation with mit Thom Laepple

the series is supported by the SMArt® Steps Program of Dynalloy.Inc