Between Times


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google earth march 2009: the border of winter and summer
virtuell trip layout

trip layout for real
Between Times - a trip along the border of winter and summer

For LUP 1 I adopted the position of a stranger and visitor, following the practice of an ambitious hiker who approaches a remote area by carefully gathering information so as to be able to predict much as possible in advance, recognizing all the while the inevitable gap between imagined and actual, represented and material, that would unfold in situ.

My point of departure was to 'visit' and investigate the area between Malmö and Lund virtually before arriving on-site, playing with various features from Google Earth so as to simulate a series of trips around the area, recording them with screen capture software.

Exploration of this virtual borderline came to dominate my navigation of the region. I therefore decided to attempt to make a trip along this border of winter and summer. (Projection on the left side)

Looking at aerial photographs of the landscape around Lund I noticed a strange 'gap' between areas of composite imagery shot in summer and others recorded in winter. The exploration of this virtual 'borderline' between winter and summer came to dominate my navigation of the region which, having first marked on the map, I attempted to follow on the ground for "real". In order to record my journey I made a series of pencil sketches at selected points and used a practice I call video drawing (or cutting), juxtaposing the resulting material within the exhibition with video of the 'virtual trip'.

The whole process intensified my interest in the occurrence and meaning of technical artifacts, highlighting as they do the technological context in which our encounters with place occurs and the ways in which processes of representation shape our experience of the real.

Zwischen den Zeiten a trip along winter and summer at the Skizzernes Museum Lund

left side: previsions/Vorraussichten right side: views/Ansichten


start ? - selected stop 1

looking for the marked landmark


selected stop 3