SOCIO TOPIA [thanet1]

a 10 min extract from the live videomix of the Land Use Poetics II seminar at CRATE SPACE in Margate 28th of March 2010

live-camera: Rona Lee
live-mix of stills, video and subtitles: Kerstin Ergenzinger

videostill socio topia 2010
socio topia

socio topia reflects on the 'practice' of planning, investigating and discussing, if so on creating a community of learning and carrying out a situated laboratory. It reflects on the nature of the document and the ways in which it represents and mediates the moment, attempting to in some way 'capture' the endless refraction of the event as mirrored by its record.

I was curious to explore what would happen if I tried to record the differing ways in which we each responded to LUP II - focusing on our diverse encounters with Thanet rather than the place itself, seeking thereby to address questions to which I am still finding answers. Would it be possible to in some way enter 'into' our different approaches, rather than merely record them? To produce a work that allowed us and others to see and reflect on the ways in which we had worked rather than what was produced? And, by so doing, to add another dimension to this study?

During the final seminar I used a VJ-setting to videotape the presentations live and simultaneously interweave and overlay these, along with the discussions that followed, with selected imagery and superimposed, transcribed audio, recorded during the previous four days of collective field research. The re-occuring images of the abandoned aircrafts on the field of Kent International in mind I was imagining us, the jockeys, seeking to take the risk and act.

The resulting superimposed imagery and streams of thoughts are not only experimental annotations of what took place, both after the event and as it occurred, but also unfolds as a place in itself. It presents an attempt to map and give texture to our interactions with each other, the environment to which we were responding and the experiment itself, making of this group of diverse interdisciplinary 'observers' objects of observation.

Setting seminar-remix Crate Gallery Margate 2010