installationview: Kunstraum der Zehntscheuer Münsingen, 2004

my home is my castle

is the result of an artistic inquiry into the exposed half-timbered architecture of the baroque Fruchtkasten and Zehntscheuer* in Münsingen, Southern Germany (*these are storehouses which were purpose-built in the Middle Ages for storage of the tithe, a tax of one tenth of the harvest or produce paid by farmers and craftsmen to the church).

Of particular interest to me were the dimensions and proportions typical of this kind of architecture as well as the nostalgic notions of historic places which prevail today.

Most people consider the materialiality and dimensions of the wooden contructions to be cosy, however the relationship people living in the baroque had to this architecture can be compared to our relationship to constructions of steel today.

The card cutouts/templates referenced characteristic architectural features such as the cross and triangular formations – through projections these existing shapes were superimposed onto their spatial equivalent and at the same time new elements were added to complement/enhance the existing architecture. Many flies were attracted to the warmth of the attic, most of them didn’t find the way out and some died on the illuminated surfaces of the projectors.

production support Edgar Braig