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Raumtaster transforms a dark space, a room or site into an immersive light drawing. Raumtaster are a overhead projectors tronsformed into a programmable drawing machines. The machine creates a choreography of luminous lines and fields that wander across the walls, ceiling and floor, scanning and demarcating the space.

Raumtaster functions as a sense organ, employing light as a means to touch.

The wandering light highlights everything it finds on its path, making no distinction between floor or ceiling, body or wall, while drawing attention to the characteristics of the space. Small details become important elements within the image. Bare walls function both as projection screens as well as the projected image.

While scanning the surface and limits of its surroundings, Raumtaster generates new vistas and horizons within the confinements of a space

the modified overhead projector has been developed and realised in close collaboration with Thom Laepple

the modified projector includes sponsored mechanics by Stefan Niermann igus GmbH DYNALLOY


installationview A Tale of A Tub photo © Gerd Jan van Rooij

installationview A Tale of A Tub photo © Gerd Jan van Rooij