900x300x200 cm

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installationview: Raummaschinen, Kunstwerke Köln, 2007


Hallway out of two walls standing opposite eachother. Each wall is made out of 3 aluminium frames with hinges in between. The frames are alternately covered with back-projection-foil and acrylic mirrors, so that the space inside the structure opens and branches out like in a mirror maze.

The walls are changing and moving through the rhythm of back projections refering to diffuse sensations our mind constantly needs to organize. The final cut of the 3 syncronized 2.11 min long animations happens not until projected inside the installation space. As soon as an observer steps into the space he or she will be part of the architectural-optical process.

The basic raw material of the projections are paper cut-outs that echo drawings of empty rooms inside big office buildings out of glas, steal and concrete. Focus are the the diffuse sensations that shape the peripherie of the perception inside this places. It`s not possible to avoid oneselfs reflection and mulitfication. The exchangebility of this gathering of modern architectural set phrase makes it difficult to distinguish the places. The feeling of loosing control and orientation is near.

The piece tries to open parts of this perceptions for the observer. It tries to reproduce them in time and space. For the projections I mainly chose the beginnings and endings of this prozess, the moments when structures develop out of nothing or decay into nothing, when the fragments of this signs decay into crumbs and emptiness.

special support Heinz Nink
production Academy of Media Arts Cologne

at Raummaschinen with Daniel Burkhardt and Tessa Knapp, Kunstwerk Köln 2007

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