installationview: Stapelhaus, Köln 2008

that´s a planned council estate

In der Sorgenfri Wohnanlage, Bastadsgatan , Malmö 2008

The piece reflects on living in the sorgenfri housing area in Malmö partly built by Fritz Jaenecke und Sten Samuelson in the 1950th.

With a mobile extension in front of the lens I took pictures through templates out of tracing paper based on the drawings of the same area and phenomena. Text slides, written observations, are inserted in the projected picture sequence.

a gathering of living units
balconies distinguish one type from another

resemblence can be comforting

my flat is my belly
switch out switch in

this is a selection of a visitor, a stranger yet a resident

the balconies and the roof-top-windows are our observatories