prepared thermo-printers, thermal paper, aluminium, custom-made electronics and mechanics

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Wanderer - Spacetime Poetry is a series of kinetic installations using modified and individually programmed, small thermo-printers, that move like "wanderers" along paper strips stretched in different constellations across a space. On their journeys they leave traces behind, a line, a dot or letters.  Like a spider its filament or a snail its trail they dynamically create a drawing over the course of an exhibition. 

Through the modifications and programming, the technical devices can be seen as mechanical beings that seem to act autonomously. No longer does the paper itself move in the accustomed manner through a press roller; instead, the thermal printer moves along the paper strips themselves.

According to a set of rules and probabilities the machines pick "their" words from an electronic library. The library contains an automata partition written by Daniel Canty that changes/alters in relation to the different constellations and connects to the particular/actual location where the poetry takes place.

Changing constellations and sculptural settings result in different parameters subsequently defining the themes and questions processed into a new site- and time specific poetry:

Seven Wanderers ascending and descending slopes that are stretched between fix-floating aluminium swings perform a kind of gravitational experiment, while their slowly shifting weights create a continuously changing formation that amongst others reminds of shifting silhouettes of an upside-down mountain-scape.

A single Wanderer moves on top of a horizontally stretched stripe along a wall and acts as a timekeeper and surveyor measuring and marking the durations of an exhibition. while creating a ruler-like print representing its internal impression with utmost precision.
Essential part of this (evolving) Spacetime Poetry is the exchange and dialog with the scientist from nuClock, namely Simon Stellmer, Thorsten Schumm and Lars von der Wense.

Wanderer - Spacetime Poetry is the follow-up of the installations Wanderer[1] and Wanderer[2]  that came into being while reflecting on walking long distances through fairly remote terrain and on the process of thinking through a moving brain within a body in motion. In analogy for the slow fabrication of thoughts in motion, while walking and wandering off, the work took its point of departure mediating on the entanglement of nature and culture in human conception and projections and on the act of walking and perceiving.

 Wanderer [1] has been been developed for zeich[n]en at Kunstmuseum Bonn 9.11.2014 - 8.2.2015. In Wanderer [1] the "machines picked their thoughts" from an electronic library with a selection of words and phrases from my own/Kerstins diary recordings, made during  many different hikes,  and quotes from the essay Walking by Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862). On their next 10 week long walk: Wanderer [2] throughout the exhibition "Trekking in Time" at Konsthall Ystad  3.9.´- 13.11.2016 their electronic library was enriched by selected quotes from  "The United states of Winds" written by Daniel Canty.

From the beginning the Wanderers are a collaborative work with Thom Laepple. Since 2002 we have made many long walks together, amongst others in the Rocky Mountains following the long Continental Divide Trail.

supported by nuClock a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 664732."project. Co-funded by Einstein Foundation Berlin and realized with the support of the Graduate School at the Berlin University of the Arts.