automated installation
dimension variabel

installationview: Universität der Künste, Berlin 2004


The distinction between „real“ and „culivated“ nature can no longer really be made. We usually perceive landscape in a kind of a remote sensing

By using a light drawing machine and projector a landscape formation created of cardboard and galvanised steel was put in scene. The cuts and tracings on the cardboard originated as drawings of airports, mountains and river landscapes. Two halogen lamps powered with motors were moved on a coordinate system made of two aluminium frames. Two more lamps were positioned outside the frames. Each of the lamps could be turned on and off.

The viewer’s perspective changed from a bird’s eye view, a view over the landscape, to a view from below in the shadow projections. When the machine was at rest, various close-up images of details of the installation, not visible to the viewer, were projected.

hard- und software design Thomas Laepple

University of Arts Berlin and Kunstraum Münsingen 2004