zwischen den Zeiten


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installationview: Skizzernes Museum, Lund 2009

google earth: the boarder of winter and summer
zwischen den Zeiten

observations within land use poetics an international workshop on spatial practices, technologies and imaginaries in Malmö march 2009

1. remote sensing: Voraussichten / previsions
The starting point for the piece was a plan to virtually visit the area between Malmö, Burlöv, Lomma and Lund, before arriving on-site. I approached it as if planning a hiking tour to a remote area by gathering all kinds of available carthographic information so as to plan my visit in as much detail as possible.
I used a range of different features from Google Earth to simulate a series of trips in the area and screen capture software to record them .
When looking at ariel photgraphs of the area around Lund I noticed a strange gap between footage used in some places which had been shot in summer, while other areas were recorded in winter.
Exploration of this virtual borderline came to dominate my navigation of the region. I therefore decided to attempt to make a trip along this border of winter and summer. (Projection on the left side)

2. on-site observing: Ansichten / views
I tried to mark the line of this virtual trip on a map and then followed it for „real“. I used only pencil drawings and the practise i call video-drawing/cutting to record selected moments of this actual journey.
The route i took and the places i stopped at are marked with red dots on the map.
The projections on the right show 3 selected video drawings where I am observing the location or situation by using the vidoedrawing methods described in observing.

Zwischen den Zeiten a trip along winter and summer at the Skizzernes Museum Lund

left side: previsions/Vorraussichten right side: views/Ansichten

selected stop 1

selected stop 2

selected stop 3

Investigation Area, Map, SetUp, Drawings